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Addr: NO. 98 Henglian road ,Haian county of jiangsu province
Tel: 86-0513-88905233
Fax: 86-0513-81883193
E-mail: salina@tx.lianfa.cn
Website: http://www.NTLFTX.com
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    Nantong Lianfa Tianxiang printing and dyeing co., LTD., is located in the national economic and technological development zones of Jiangsu Haian, two hours' drive from Shanghai. The company covers an area of 72,300 square meters, the initial investment of 255 million yuan, with more than 300 employees. The company has a complete fabric pre-processing, printing, dyeing, bleaching ,finishing and production process. It can dye and bleach 5 million meters and produce 30 million meters of calico annually. 

    Lianfa Tianxiang is a manufacturing enterprise which combines with production and sales, domestic and foreign trade as a part of Jiangsu Lianfa textile co., LTD. Founded in 1955, Jiangsu Lianfa textile co., LTD., has become a large high-tech enterprise integrated with spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing, printing and dyeing, thermoelectric, apparel, home textile, brand and trade after 60 years development. With an annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan, it is one of China's largest yarn-dyed fabric production plants in China.

    Focusing on the company business strategy of "Market will exist without Lianfa while Lianfa cannot survive without market", it has formed a trading pattern of three major markets, including foreign markets, domestic brands and home textile market . Lianfa has set up sales networks in Europe, America, Middle East, South Africa, southeast Asia and other regions; and established a integrated marketing network including market development, customer service, customer care and market further development. In addition, Lianfa has also formed a  strong partnership with well-known domestic home textile fabric brands.

    High-end production equipment means a good foundation of high quality products. Company has imported a series of world-class production equipment, German OSTOHFF singeing frame, Goller mercerizing machine, dyeing machine, printing washing machine, Monforts setting machine, Austrian Zimmer circular screen printer, German MBK circular screen printer, Swiss Busse flat screen printing machine, Italian ARIOLI rapid steamer,etc.

    Lianfa is equipped with all kinds of the most advanced testing instruments for improving testing capability, such as Oust evenness, American Atlas-Ci3000 fadometer, British Hounsfield H10K-S universal tensile testing machine, Sweden WASCATOR FOM71CLS lab washer- extractor, etc.

    Technological innovation is the driving force to promote the company's continued development . New product development capability represents a company's market development capabilities.

    The company has a research and development institutions by full time research and development staff ,keeping abreast of the domestic and international market trends and developments in cutting-edge technology , introducing , absorbing and implementing   independent innovation .

    Company produces cotton, polyester cotton , Tencel, Modal, bamboo fiber , viscose , linen and other fabrics , which are widely used in homes, clothing, and other fields. High-density products and Tencel cotton products, with skin-friendly , soft, smooth, green superior quality , highly praised by customers , products sold in Asia, Europe , America, Australia countries and regions. The company has a proven ability functional finishing fabrics , can be easy care , anti-bacterial and odour-proofing  , anti-fouling , flame retardant, resistant to chlorine bleaching , anti- pilling balloons, sanding , down-proof etc. functional finishing .

    Companies adhere to the quality policy of  "credibility first, customer first , people-oriented ,keep improving" . It implements the whole process of quality control from  raw materials to finished products and US four points system to manage the appearance quality inspection.  AATCC, ASTM, JIS, and ISO standards are adopted in internal quality inspection. The laboratory has passed the ITS and certification from certain customers, and achieved national laboratory accreditation as well. Product quality can be effectively controlled according to various customers requirements. The company has also passed the ISO9001 quality management system and AA measurement management system certification
    Company carries out a cleaner production and has a sewage treatment plant , through the selection of green dye additives, resource recycling , energy conservation and emissions reduction a series of measures to realize the production process of " eco-friendly ." The company passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification , OHSAS18001 occupational health system certification , SA8000 social responsibility management system , OEKO-TEXStandard100 European eco product standards certification.

    Company also pays attention on humanistic care and strategy of talent. "Lianfa mutual love foundation" funds poor students for long-term and promptly sends warm cares to families which encounter with difficulties. Lianfa earns a very high reputation due to the strong sense of social responsibility 

    Facing the future, all Lianfa Tianxiang will uphold the core value as " sensible , integrity, diligence, innovation " .Taking technology as the core and quality as life ,company will dedicate to provide customers with cost-effective products and attentive after sale service , continue to innovate, continuously pursuit of excellence and strive for the prosperity of the textile industry.

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Addr:NO. 98 Henglian road ,Haian county of jiangsu province  Tel:86-0513-88905233    
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