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Addr: NO. 98 Henglian road ,Haian county of jiangsu province
Tel: 86-0513-88905233
Fax: 86-0513-81883193
E-mail: salina@tx.lianfa.cn
Website: http://www.NTLFTX.com
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Company has imported a series of world-class production equipment, German OSTOHFF singeing frame, Goller mercerizing machine, dyeing machine, printing washing machine, Monforts setting machine, Austrian Zimmer circular screen printer, German MBK circular screen printer, Swiss Busse flat screen printing machine, Italian ARIOLI rapid steamer,etc.

Lianfa is equipped with all kinds of the most advanced testing instruments for improving testing capability, such as Oust evenness, American Atlas-Ci3000 fadometer, British Hounsfield H10K-S universal tensile testing machine, Sweden WASCATOR FOM71CLS lab washer- extractor, etc.

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Addr:NO. 98 Henglian road ,Haian county of jiangsu province  Tel:86-0513-88905233    
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