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花哨家纺品或含致癌物 学会选购很关键
家纺联手棉纺印染 欲建产品科技体系
    Nantong Lianfa Tianxiang printing and dyeing co., LTD., is located in the national economic and technological development zones of Jiangsu Haian, two hours' drive from Shanghai. The company covers an area of 72,300 square meters, the initial investment of 255 million yuan, with more than 300 employees. The company has a complete fabric pre-processing, printing, dyeing, bleaching ,finishing and production process. It can dye and bleach 5 million meters and produce 30 million meters of calico annually. Lianfa Tianxiang is a manufacturing enterprise which combines with production and sales, domestic and foreign trade as a part of Jiangsu Lianfa textile 
Tel: 86-0513-88905233
Fax: 86-0513-81883193
Mob: 13773766022
E-mail: salina@tx.lianfa.cn
Website: http://www.NTLFTX.com
Zip code: 226600
Addr: NO. 98 Henglian road ,Haian county of jiangsu province
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Addr:NO. 98 Henglian road ,Haian county of jiangsu province  Tel:86-0513-88905233    E-mail:salina@tx.lianfa.cn
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